Inspired by the magic, mysticism, mystery and captivating allure of travelling carnivals
from the Victorian era, Carnivàle Lune Bleue is an all-senses escape to another time and place.

Thrill yourself with authentic vintage rides that include North America’s oldest operating Ferris wheel, built by Eli Bridge in 1917 and the 1938 Allan Herschell carousel, complete with hand-carved wooden horses. 

Get as up close and touchy feely as your pounding heart and shaking hands will dare with a cast of slinking, slimy snakes and creepy crawlers at Tropical Terrors.

Yearning to know what your future holds for you? Will you find love or a great adventure? Step inside this vintage bus where mystics and Gypsies will answer your questions and foretell your future from a deck of cards.

Test your dexterity with classic games of skill from decades ago that include the Milk Bottle Toss, Cat Rack, Coin Toss and Cork Gun Shooting Gallery. Grab the big wood mallet and take a swing at making the twenty-foot High Striker chime.

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